Profile Projector

Profile projector is widely used for complex shape stamping, gears, cams, threads and comparing the measured contour model. It’s easy to use and highly efficient. It is a commonly used measurement of optical instruments. Thus, profile projector is widely used in major machinery manufacturing including aviation, aerospace industry, watches and clocks, electronics, instrumentation industry, research institutes and detection metering stations at all levels and etc.


  • Multi-point collection to determine the line and circle;
  • Preset the geometry elements;
  • Determine the combination of various geometric elements;
  • Coordinate rotation and translation;
  • Z-axis can be set as length of the sensor or angle value of the encoder;
  • User self-programming function;
  • Polar / rectangular coordinates conversion;
  • Grating linear correction, section linear correction;
  • RS232 input function;
  • Print page input function;
  • Power-off memory function;
  • The geometric elements can be stored and call on.



Cat 33

Profile Projector Brochure

VB 300 Leaflet

Inspection Brochures

Vision System Brochures


Profile Projector
– Horizontal Bench Top (refer to page 2-5)
– Vertical Bench Top and Floor Standing (refer to page 6-7)
– NEW – Vertical Bench Top (refer to VB300 leaflet)
– Horizontal Floor Standing (refer to page 8-11)
– OV2 and Accessories (refer to page 12-13)
– Horizontal Digital Video Projector (HDV) (refer to page 14-15)
– Specification and Options of Profile Projector (refer to page 16-20)
– MetLogix software and Quadra-Chek Software (refer to go page 21-23)
– Refer to Cat 33 page 450-473 for more information of ͚Profile Projector

Vision System
– Horizontal Digital System (HDV) (refer to page 2)
– Manual Vision Measuring System (refer to page 3-5)
– Automatic Vision Measuring System (refer to page 6-11)
– Large Format Premier Vision Line (refer to page 12-13)
– MetLogix software (refer to page 14-15)
– Specification and Options of Vision Measurement System (refer to page 16-19)
– Refer to Cat 33 page 427-439 and page 446-452 for more information of Vision System

Video Inspection Systems
– KineScope and KineMic (refer to page 2-4)
– Refer to Cat 33 page 440-445 for more information of Video Inspection System