Bench Center

These precision bench centres are used for cylindrical and tapered parts.
They offer you the following benefits:

  • You can make fast and precise checks of run out on cylindrical/tapered parts.
  • The base and centre-stocks are manufactured from stress-relieved and aged cast iron.
  • The centers are made from hardened and precision ground steel.


Product Description:

  • Small sized type of standard model tester.
  • Used for eccentricity and deflection Measurement of shafts, etc.
  • Parallellism between table upper surface and center is assured.
  • Center entry/exit is performed by one touch lever.

・According to your requirement, we can manufacture variations with carbide center or brolly center.
・Dial gauge and test bar are not included.

Code No. Model Full Lenght
Center Distance
Center Height
Use Center Height
SAP101 P-1 410 150 110 MT#1 5 14.0
SAP102 P-2 470 200 15.5
SAP103 P-3 560 300 17.0