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Buffing, Flat Wheel, Grinder Wheel, Marking, Cutting Wheel, Grinding Wheel, Brush Wheel, Cup Wheel, Polishing Stone, Kemet Diamond Compound, Ultrasonic Lapping Machine, Air Grinder, Air Lapper, Tools Mold Maker, Ceramic Stones, Sand Paper, Disc Grinder, Honing Stone


Bench Centre, Block Gauge, Calibrator, Caliper, Dial and Height Gauge, Dial Indicator, Digital Microscope, Gauges, inspection Jig, Magnifier, Macrometer, Optical Instruments, Protector, Surcafe Plate, Tester Instruments


Drill, Tap, Reamer, Endmill, Counter, Saw Blade, Special Tools, Turning Tools, Step Drill, Hand Tap, Machine Reamer, Circular Saw, Insert Cutter, Threading Insert, Machine Tap, Counter Bor, Center Drill, CBN Insert, Diamond Insert, Adjustable Reamer, Custom Insert.


Booring Turning System, Drill Chuck, Rotary Table, Tools Holder Milling, Tools Holder Tapping, Tools Accesories, Vise, Boring Bar, Steel Clamping Kit, Magnetic Plate, Cast Iron Surface Plate, Tilting Rotary, Collect Chuck, Grinder Machine, Live Center, Dividing Head.
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Band Saw Machine, Drilling Machine, Laser Marking, Laser Welding, Lathe Machine, Milling Machine, Precision Drill Grinder, Blade Sharpener, DOT Marking, CNC Machine, Wood Sawmills, Grinder Machine, Shaping Machine, Laser Engraving, Machining Center, EDM Machine, Wire Cut Machine, Molding Machine, Cutting Machine.


Power House, Power Plant, Water Treatment, Air Compressor, Air Dryer, Water Chiller, Boiler, Machinery, Molding Machine, Jig Fixture, Water Pump, CNC Machines, HVAC, Water Cooling, Water Tower, Power Electric and Automation Spare Part. Heavy Duty Spare Part, Genset Generator Set


Combination Tool Kits, Drills & Drivers, Impact Wrenches, Grinders & Rotary, Oscillating Tools, Cutting Tools, Sanders & Polishers, Saws, Heat Guns, Nailers, Staplers & Tackers, Routers, Grease Guns, Glue Guns, Caulk Guns, Riveter, Pressure Washers, Wet & Dry Vacuums, Drain Cleaning Equipment, Cable, Tube


Spill Containment, Hand & Body Protection, Traffic Safety, Safety Glass & Emergency Equipment, Safety Glasses, Traffic Cones, Safety Shoes, Helmet, Safety Wear, Eye Protection, Safety Storage, Safety Cabinet, Hand Glove, Emergency Equipment, Fire Protection, Lockout Tagout.


Band Saw Machine, Drilling Machine, Laser Marking and Welding, Lathe Machine, Milling Machine, Precision Drill Grinder, Torque Wrench, Chain Block, Mobile Crane, Overhead Crane, Hoist Crane, Workbench, Bin Strorage, Tool Cabinet, Mold Rack, Cabinet, Tool Trolley, Tubes & Hoses, Webbing Sling, Wire Rope, Hand Jack, Hand Lift, Forklift, Jib Crane, Hoist Crane, Wrench Set, Tool Box, Tool Kit, Hexagon Key, Tool Maker Vise, Tool Files.


Machinery steel, tool & die steel, plastic mould steel, wear resistance plate, heat resistance plate, high strength steel plate, super alloy & high alloy special stainless steels, special products, Copper, Brass, Aluminium,Titanium, Inox, Stavax, SUS 304, SUS201, Steel Pipe, Mild Steel Pipe, Mild Steel Plate, Stainless Steel Plate, Steel Pipe, Steel Hollow, Galvanis Hollow, Galvanis Steel. Elbow, Flange, Accessories.


Lenox Armor RX+ Bi Metal Bandsaw Blade – Long Life, Lenox Classic Bi Metal Bandsaw Blade – Multi Purpose Cutting, Lenox Classic Pro Bi Metal Bandsaw Blade – Multi Purpose Production Cutting, Lenox Contestor GT Bi Metal Bandsaw Blade – High Performance, Lenox Contestor XL Bi Metal Bandsaw Blade – High Performance, Lenox Diemaster 2 Bi Metal Bandsaw Blade – Contour Cutting, Lenox QXP Bi Metal Bandsaw Blade – Long Blade Life at High Cutting Rates, Lenox RX+ Bi Metal Bandsaw Blade – Structural, Tubes, Bundle Cutting


Stick electrodes, Mig wires and Tig cut lengths, Metal-cored wires, Self-shielded, Flux-cored, Gas-shielded, Flux-cored, Submerged arc, Stainless alloys, Nickel alloys, Hardfacing, Aluminum mig and Tig Welding , Metrode, Murex, Edm wire welding, Welding rod, Laser Welding Wire Electrodes, Welding Wire Stavax, Copper Electrode, Brass Electrode, Welding Machine Spare Part, Welding Accessories, EDM Brush Wire, Wire Cut, Wire Cutting, EDM Copper Wire.

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