Air Plug Gauge

Air Plug Gauge or Air Jet Plug Gauge consists of a cylindrical hardened steel body, hard -chrome plated and precisely ground, to provide the guide needed for air jet positioning inside the bore. The nozzles through with the air is guided are recessed below the body diameter of the plug.




  • Quick and easy checking of bore
  • Standard 2 jets for checking size, taper, ovality
  • 3 jets at 120 degree for average size & tri-lobed effect (for diameter 6 mm & above)
  • With extensions to check deeper bores
  • Can be supplied to check through or blind bores
  • Can be supplied with multiple jets
  • Hard chrome plated for extended life
  • Can be supplied with carbide sleeve on request
  • For specific depth or land width checking, adjustable depth collars can be provided