Air Micrometer

Air Micrometer

Relative measuring instruments which can measure dimensions of various workpices like machine parts by using air flow is called Air Micrometer.
It comes in Flow type and Back Pressure type mainly.
Air Micrometer is supported by our many years of precision gauge manufacturing techniques, and it is of highly appraised for its reliability and precision, making it of great value in quality control and increased efficiency in a world-wide industrial world.

Four basic models- the Column Model(flow type), dial model(back pressure type),Digital Model(back pressure type)- can be used not only to measure dimensions, but also for complicated profile measuring automatic measuring, automatic sorting and etc., making them practical over a wide variety of uses. The measuring head can be standardized according to measuring factors and also by order-made designs to meet various measuring requirement.


Highly precise parts presently used in every aspect of industry including consumer electronics, audio & visual devices, automotive and communication devices are becoming more and more microscopic every year.
As the precision of industrial parts advances, simple structure measuring instruments that anybody can use to measure with high precision and few errors are required.

The answers to these needs are the Air Micrometer and the Electronic Micrometer.
The Air Micrometer is a relative measuring instrument that can measure the dimensions of a piece of work using air flow.
There are different measuring systems including the Flow type, and the Back Pressure type(differential pressure type).
Let us explain the Flow type measuring method(our product name: flowmec).

After clean air is produced with a compressor and filtered, it is blown out nozzle with its pressure kept constant by a regulator.
When the clearance between the nozzle and the work to be measured changes, the amount of air being blown out the nozzle also changes, causing the height of a float to change.

The movement in position of the float can determine the actual dimensions of the piece of work.
There is an Electronic Micrometer similar to the above-mentioned relative measuring instrument.
It measures dimensions with a contracting type gauge head(detector).
This system that electrically magnifies the mechanical and very little variation enables precise measurement with prompt response, differing from an Air Micrometer.

As seen so far, our many years of precision gauge manufacturing techniques are applied in the manufacturing of measuring heads and master gauges that make full use of the characteristics regardless of being an air or Electronic Micrometer.