Designed for use with Hyprez Flat Lapping and Polishing Systems Hyprez Liquid Diamond Type K is ideal for use with Hyprez Composite Lapping Plates and polishing pads.

Hyprez Diamond Compound is available in pastes, gels, and pourable/pumpable options, depending on user needs. All options are available in diamond sizes ranging from 0.1 – 60 microns, with precision graded mono- or polycrystalline diamond.  An Engis application engineer can assist you in selecting the best product for your application.

Diamond Pastes

Diamond pastes are thick formulations, dispensed from a syringe or jar and manually spread across the part.  Pastes are the most commonly used form of diamond compound for hand polishing, and they are used with a companion lubricant.


Hyprez Diamond Compound

Formulations are available in a wide range of
micron sizes for use in demanding applications
found in industries such as the elections, oil and
gas, tools and dies, electro-optics and etc.
Engineered for stock removal of
very hard material
Hyprez Liquid Diamond Type K gives you all the
quality you expect from Hyprez products. It is a
uniform suspension not a dected by dilution. The
binding agents used assure reliable operation,
even under dicult conditions. For nishing hard
workpieces, high lapping pressure can be used
without risk of breaking down the abrasive lm.
Assures consistent and repeatable
quality in surface finish and stock
removal rate.
Hyprez Lubricants
The lubricants used with Hyprez Liquid
Diamond Type K serve three functions:
formation of the abrasive lm
dilution of the polishing slurries
dissipates heat from the lapping plate polishing
The viscosity produces a continuous lapping lm
and provides excellent resistance to compression
on lapping machines using pneumatic pressures.
Precision manufacturing methods ensure lubricants
are free from impurities.
Typical Applications
– Mechanical seals
– Pressure relief valve seats
– Filter plate
– Gauge blocks
– Fibre optics
– Slip gauges
– Fly heads
– Optical ats
– Ceramic components
– Hydraulic seal faces
– Parallels
– Coining
– Plastic mould parts
– Stainless steel mirrors
1K-STD-MA Final Finishing
3K-STD-MA Final Finishing
6K-STD-MA Lapping & Pre-polishing
8K-STD-MA Stock Removal
14K-STD-MA Stock Removal
25K-STD-MA Ravid Stock Removal
45K-STD-MA Ravid Stock Removal
Packaging: 400 grams bottle
For concentration recommendation , consult your Engis representative
APPLICATION DATA : For free evaluation of your application, consult your Engis representative.