Spiral Sewn Bias Type Sisal Buffing Wheel

This rugged construction is particularly suited, for removing orange peel, polishing grit lines, light die marks, and other surface imperfections. Its spiral sewn buff pad offers a firm to stiff buff that is aggressive with little to no flexibility making it suitable to remove deeper imperfections on flat or slightly contoured surfaces. The sisal is bias-cut on a 45° angle before its assembly on our engineered hub, which provides adequate forced ventilation.

Available in diameters sizes 10″ through 20″ and metal center diameters of 5″, 7″ and 9″ and any arbor size required. Also in untreated sisal for conventional use or treated for extra severe use.


Bias Cloth Buff M-O, Wave Sisal Buff, Bias Cloth Buff M-2, Bias Sisal Buff First, Bias Cloth Buff M-4 Violet, Unit Sisal Buff, Bias Cloth Buff M-6 Pink, Unit Cord Sisal Buff Black, Bias Cloth Buff M-8, Disc Sisal Buff, Open Face Bias Cloth Buff, Wide Finger Sisal Buff A-Type Golden, Flannel Loose Cloth Buff, Wide Finger Sisal Buff B-Type Big Red, Spiral Sewed Cloth Buff M, Wide Finger Sisal Buff C-Type Green, Unit Bias Cloth Buff AZ, Cord Sisal Buff, Unit Bias Cloth Buff CZ, Color Satin Buff A-Coarse, Unit Bias Cloth Buff M, Color Satin Buff A-Medium, Pleated Bias Cloth Buff, Color Satin Buff A-Fine, Flannel Bias Cloth Buff, Color Satin Buff A-Very Fine, Loose Cloth Buff C, New Felt Buff (Chromium Type), Loose Cloth Buff M, New Felt Buff (Aluminum Oxide Type), Open Double Cloth Bias Sisal Buff, New Felt with Shaft, Double Sisal Buff.

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