Barreling Media & Compounds

Finishing media and compounds are the key to determining the quality of the surface finish.
Careful engineering and selection of the right components unfailingly lead to optimum surface treatment results by perfectly matching material and shape of the product as well as the processing conditions.
A wide range of media is available, including vitrified, sintered and plastic media for wet finishing and specially developed media for dry finishing. Also, a variety of process compounds is available for specific finishing requirements.

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Wet barrel finishing media line-up

Fired media
Fired media entered media
Plastic media
Plastic media
Metallic media
Metallic media
Dry barrel finishing media line-up

A completely new medium specially designed for environment-friendly, dry barreling and made of a special resin containing abrasives Offered in many types from roughing ones to finishing ones

Barrel finishing Compounds line-up

Crushing aluminum balls