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Founded almost a hundred years ago, Hoffmann Group is a leading provider of quality tools, workstations and storage, personal protective equipment as well as related consulting and services to improve the performance of its global customer base. The group has recently introduced several new products to reinforce its market position. Romana Moares reports.

The Hoffmann Group wrote the first chapter in its story about 100 years ago. Quality and expert advice were the focus from the very start. Ever since its early days the business grew organically, pursuing its path to success, following a simple recipe: a passion for quality tools that create perfect results in customers’ hands.

Today, Hoffman Group is Europe’s largest tooling logistics provider – with its worldwide partners and staff of about 3000, the company serves global leaders as well as small and medium sized businesses in over 50 countries. With comprehensive customer service and over 99 per cent delivery quality certified by TUÅNV, the tooling experts with their head office in Munich ensure that their customers experience efficient cooperation on a partnership basis.

Last year, the company strengthened its competencies as a system partner for the manufacturing industry by entering the market for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) with a full product range including roughly 6000 PPE products from 60 leading manufacturers as well as a comprehensive Europe-wide consultancy service.

Hoffmann Group covers all protective areas from head to toe. This makes procurement easier for buyers and safety engineers. In addition, the Hoffmann Group is forging ahead with the development of product related digital services and has already taken some decisive steps in this direction. An example is the ToolScout, which supports the use of analogue tools digitally. The Hoffmann Group’s aim is to provide the customer with optimal support in the future, no matter whether it’s classic or digital.

Latest addition

Inside its latest catalogue, an unparalleled range of more than 80,000 articles showcases the very latest that the GARANT premium brand, the HOLEX quality brand and 500 leading manufacturer’s brands have to offer. With another 500,000 articles listed in its database, the company can provide the ideal tool for any task you need to accomplish – with an outstanding cost/benefit ratio.

As a premium brand, GARANT is a byword for the concentrated manufacturing competence of the Hoffmann Group. More than 38,000 efficient and powerful, high-performance tools for all areas of application provide the highest levels of innovation, constant premium quality and an optimum benefit-price ratio.

Hoffmann Group has now brought the new GARANT Power Q product family on to the market. With four different types of toolholder and newly developed indexable inserts in three system sizes, Garant Power Q offers a broad spectrum of tools for machining steel, hardened steel, stainless steel and titanium, all to high standards of process reliability. This means the mills are suitable for all users who have to perform flexibly across a wide range of milling tasks and who need to achieve high metal removal rates.

The GARANT Power Q product family is characterised by high process reliability at very high feed rates, across an enormous range of products. Thanks to their newly developed geometry, the indexable inserts are extremely stable and deliver high performance. A two-part end face radius and large clearance angles ensure reliable chip evacuation and permit a high feed rate, with constant performance even in deep cavities. The new types of insert are suitable for GARANT Power Q tool carriers with diameters from 16 to 100 millimetres. They are available in three system sizes XOM.060310, XDM.090416 and XDM.120516 for steel, hardened steel, stainless steel and titanium.

Looking ahead

The Hoffmann Group has consolidated its market position both in Germany, which remains, as before, its most important market, as well as abroad. It has 69 subsidiaries and offices worldwide, meaning that customers can get the concept or solution they need – at any time and wherever they are located.

The management believes that there are still opportunities for growth worldwide. Its business model as a system partner with a unique, threefold combination of trading, manufacturing and service expertise is not only being successfully embraced in Europe, but has promising potential further afield. As an internationally operating, successful company with highly motivated and dedicated employees the company will continue to strive to find the best solutions for its customers, to make them even more successful, in line with the company’s slogan to provide “tools to make you better.”