Bin Storage

Bin Storage is a box, frame, crib, or enclosed place used for storage.


The knock down team bin can be added or removed from either way.
It can be widely used by assembling into different shapes

► Supporting Poles : Each bin has 4 poles for stacking up.
► Side Link Slots: Each bin comes with two slots on both side. These slots allow side linkage of bins. It ensures that the team bins are fixed and tidy.
► Team Bin Color: red、yellow、blue are available
► Index Shield: Each bin has an index shield with a colored card. Make indications on the colored card and put it into shield, insert shield to the front of bin, it makes index clean and clear for easy replacement.
► Colored label: Different color tags can be applied for easy identification
► Can be assembled with TKI-854
TKI-855 H177xW300xD450 mm