Plastic Container

Our Plastic Container is an effective solution in mostly food industries, providing the ideal solution for storage, transport and retail display. Our industrial plastic containers are versatile, rugged, reusable and extra light. Ranging from 21 to 60 Litre capacity, these specially designed retail-ready boxes not only maximize transport and retail space; they are an attractive, cost-effective and is a sensible solution for protecting and displaying fruits, vegetables, dairy products and other non-food items.


Industrial plastic container helps maximize space and minimize waste. Its unique nestable, stackable, foldable and collapsible design makes packing, stacking, storage convenient and easy. We can provide both stock and custom packaging solutions in addition to providing a variety of bottle decorating services. We have clients from every industry including Personal Care, Food, Beverage, Household Chemical and more! To discuss your project in detail, give our friendly team a call at

Plastic Container Supplier Manufacturer Philippines