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For nearly a century, our iconic brand has represented our company and a broad array of unique productivity solutions – tools, equipment, diagnostics, repair information and systems solutions. The Snap-on® brand conveys a badge of professionalism, delivering confidence to those performing work of consequence where second best is not an option. It is celebrated by professionals who perform such work because we help them solve the critical. As a result, the Snap-on® brand conveys to them a special sense of pride and dignity, making Snap-on a name they seek to call their own.


Snap On

Snap-on, headquartered in Kenosha, Wisconsin, is a global leader in the development, manufacture, and marketing of tool and equipment solutions for professional tool users. They have over 65,000 SKUs in their product line, operate in over 130 countries, and employ approximately 12,600 people globally. Toolboxes, torque wrenches, and power tools are among the most popular items.

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Our products and services encompass thousands of premium hand tools, power tools, tool storage products (including tool control software and hardware), diagnostics, equipment and related accessories, electronic parts catalogs, warranty analytics solutions, business management systems and services, OEM specialty tools and equipment development and distribution, and OEM facilitation services.


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With almost 80 years of experience in airframe tooling, ATI delivers all the critical tools when it comes to drilling, countersinking, riveting and bucking procedures for manufacture and repair of aircraft structures. These tools are engineered to perform and exceed standards of serious aviation professionals.


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AutoCrib is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of tool and asset control solutions. The company’s diverse product line, in combination with its flexible asset tracking software, authors customized systems that ensure accountability, control and accuracy for a wide range of critical industries.



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autoVHC provides an innovative Electronic Vehicle Health Check solution that is used by automotive repair facilities around the world. The system allows vehicle technicians and service advisors to perform structured and consistent vehicle checks to identify repair items on the vehicle. With exclusive features like automatic integration with many other dealer software systems and the ability to generate detailed customer repair quotations, autoVHC brings revenue to your service department and satisfaction to your customers.


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Bahco, inventor of the original adjustable wrenches and a leader in ergonomic hand tools and cutting tools, has delivered innovative products and solutions since 1886. Bahco products are designed for professionals of various industries, such as aviation, oil & gas, metal cutting, building and construction, automotive, landscaping and vineyards. The vast majority of Bahco products are manufactured in our own factories located throughout Europe.

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For over 50 years Blackhawk has been helping shops repair even the most damaged vehicles. As one of the most trusted names in the collision repair industry, we understand the importance of fast and accurate repairs. Our frame measuring data, straightening and welding equipment provide the necessary tools for quick, accurate repairs to satisfy shops of any size.


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The Blue-Point Tool Company was established in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1925. Initially providing punches and chisels, it soon expanded to include wrenches, pliers and more. The Blue-Point name became synonymous with quality hand tools. Blue-Point and the Snap-on Wrench Company merged to become Snap-on Tools, Inc. in 1930. Blue-Point now represents an even broader array of high quality products for professionals perceived as providing a great value. The Blue-Point product portfolio ranges across multiple categories from hand tools to power tools to personal safety equipment and more.

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Headquartered at the heart of the Swedish Automotive cluster, Car-O-Liner is the global leading knowledge and equipment provider for automotive collision assessment and repair. In a symbiotic relationship with key OEMs, Car-O-Liner develops and offers products, methods and training using the latest technologies to ensure up-to-date & state-of-the-art diagnostic and repair of collision damages even for the most advanced vehicles. Bodyshops rely on Car-O-Liner expertise to get their job done with the highest productivity and accuracy, repairing vehicles to the highest standards.


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Founded in 1972 in Germany, Cartec provides the automotive and truck repair industry with advanced and innovative testing technology. Engineered, developed and manufactured to meet the ever increasing demands of modular systems, Cartec’s product portfolio currently includes devices to test brake, suspension, geometry, steering, headlights, speed, emissions and noise levels.


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CDI manufactures and sells more professional grade torque products than anyone in the world. CDI’s mechanical torque product lines include click type torque wrenches, dial indicating torque wrenches, torque limiting screwdrivers, calibration equipment and a number of special application torque products. CDI has long been a major innovator and a leader in electronic torque measurement and torque calibration equipment.

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Challenger Lifts, a leading innovator in the vehicle lifting industry, delivers innovation, quality and service with every lift they sell. With solutions for every lifting application you might have such as: 2-post, 4-post, scissor, mobile column, double scissor, mid-rise and storage, Challenger can be relied upon to be safe, fast and efficient.

Challenger Lifts

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Dealer-FX develops, markets and sells advanced, end-to-end software solutions to OEM dealerships. Their industry-leading ONE Platform product helps dealership service operations manage all aspects of the process; from customer communications, estimating and scheduling, to approval, billing and payment. It is the only fully integrated, and complete, solution on the market today.


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Ecotechnics is a leading innovator in refrigerant recovery, recycling and recharging machines for automotive air conditioning systems. Leveraging several international patents, Ecotechnics manufactures a broad range of high-productivity products suitable for cars, trucks, buses, and agricultural vehicles, offering safe and reliable solutions for professional workshops worldwide.


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Founded in 1930 in Germany, Hofmann is synonymous with innovation, precision and engineering excellence on a broad range of workshop equipment such as wheel balancers, tire changers, wheel aligners, vehicle lifts, brake testers and testing lanes. This constant drive for performance has made Hofmann a trusted and respected partner of OEMs and independent automotive repair professionals on all continents.


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The Irimo name has been synonymous with affordable quality, functionality and reliability in hand tools for over 75 years. Professionals choose Irimo because they want a tool they can rely on to get the job done. And Irimo tools deliver.


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John Bean, the pioneer of 3D imaging wheel alignment technology, brings accuracy, reliability and innovation into any serious workshop. The choice of automotive repair professionals, John Bean has extended its reach to wheel balancers, tire changers, vehicle lifts, brake testers and test lane equipment. The increasing complexity of today’s vehicles is mirrored by John Bean’s dedication to innovation and superior productivity

John Bean

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Swedish JOSAM is a worldwide manufacturer and provider of wheel alignment, straightening and induction heating equipment for the heavy vehicle industry. Dedicated to serving Truck & Bus OEMs and workshops, JOSAM is constantly improving products to higher levels of speed, accuracy and user-friendliness


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For over 50 years Kansas Jack has been helping shops repair even the most damaged vehicles. As one of the most trusted names in the collision repair industry, we understand the importance of fast and accurate repairs. Our frame measuring data, straightening and welding equipment provide the necessary tools for quick, accurate repairs to satisfy shops of any size.

Kansas Jack

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Lindström precision tools are essential for professionals of electronic assembly, medical device manufacturing, aerospace and bead and jewelry arts. Lindström has developed and produced high-precision cutters and pliers since 1856. Metallurgy, manufacturing techniques, and tremendously skilled craftspeople – particularly in the hardening of steel – are the hallmarks of this world renowned brand.


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Mitchell 1 offers a complete line of integrated software and services to help automotive and commercial truck professionals improve productivity and profitability. From repair information with real-world fixes to shop management software and marketing services, auto and truck repair businesses rely on Mitchell 1 for end-to-end process efficiency. Started almost 100 years ago providing industry-leading repair information books, today Mitchell 1 provides a full suite of sophisticated cloud based services with extensive support teams.

Mitchell 1

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Mountz is a leading developer, manufacturer, and marketer of high-precision torque tools, including measurement, calibration, and documentation products. The company complements and expands Snap-on’s torque offerings to customers in a variety of industries including aerospace, transportation, and advanced manufacturing. Applications range from assembly of electric vehicle batteries to production of charging infrastructure to fabrication of microelectronic componentry, including chips.


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NEXIQ Technologies has provided diagnostic products and information management solutions to the commercial vehicle industry for more than 30 years. NEXIQ designs, manufactures, and distributes essential diagnostic and information tools for OEM, dealer, fleet, and aftermarket customers. Our repair information products help technicians to perform advanced service on commercial vehicle makes and models throughout North America.


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Norbar is a leading European manufacturer of a full range of torque products, including wrenches, multipliers and calibration equipment and has a strong presence in critical industries, including power generation, oil & gas, mining, railroad, and others.


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Power Hawk sets the industry standard for the most innovative, highest-quality battery-powered rescue and stabilization solutions.   Power Hawk solutions are put to use in the most critical of industrial settings including Military, Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Law Enforcement, Explosive Ordnance Disposal, and Nuclear Power.   Power Hawk all-electric rescue cutters, manual impact wrenches, and vehicle stabilization tools are the life-saving choices of progressive safety and rescue professionals everywhere.

Power Hawk

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Pro-Cut Rotor Matching Systems efficiently and accurately match old or new brake rotors to the hub of vehicles as small as a Smart car up to and including medium duty trucks. Required by almost every OEM brand for in-warranty repairs, professional technicians know that matched rotors last longer and provide the best possible owner experience.


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Since 1914, Sioux has had a long and proud heritage of innovation. Sioux revolutionized the tool industry by introducing some of the very first handheld power tools. Sioux passionately serves the manufacturing and service industries with world-class pneumatic power tools made in Murphy, NC. From raw materials to final assembly, the Murphy facility manufactures pneumatic drills, screwdrivers, impacts, grinders, sanders and many specialty tools.

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Sturtevant Richmont designs, manufactures and distributes mechanical and electronic torque wrenches as well as wireless torque error-proofing systems for a variety of industrial applications. Sturtevant Richmont’s radio frequency digital torque wrenches and Global 8 Torque Management Systems help companies error-proof their production to reduce rework and improve product quality, increase throughput, and improve profits.

Sturtevant Richmont

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SUN became the reference for automotive service equipment for OEM’s, dealers and independent repair shops, by providing the best productivity solutions with high technology. The increasing search for performance led SUN to expand its efforts from equipment to the repair systems and information market, becoming one of the most desirable brands in the market. The SUN product line will continue to be a leading component in offering customers Total Shop Solutions.

SUN – EuropeSUN – USA

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Leveraging its industry-leading relationship with OEMs with in-house hardware and software R&D, TruckCam has emerged as a global key player in offering end-of-line solutions for  wheel alignment, Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Departure Warning Systems using laser and patented camera technology. Precision, efficiency and integration are the cornerstones of solutions that are designed to be flexible and reliable, even in the most demanding industrial environments. This is why OEMs around the world rely on TruckCam for their end-of-line testing.


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Since 1882, Williams has met the harshest challenges of the most demanding and critical industries with high quality hand tools. Williams was among the first manufacturers in the world to offer mass produced drop-forged tools, a 15° angle wrench, and heavy-duty slugging wrenches.