The most standard model of “PLACOM” N-Series has made the excitingly highest attainment in the history of Planimeter ever made. Measuring capacity is remarkably enlarged. Measuring by 6-digit pulse count enables to measure 100 times larger accumulative area than ordinary planimeters. Easy calculations of Cumulative and Average Value Measurement. Conversion of Unit and Scale value is made by easy operation. “WONDER”, it is a most worthy word to be given to this “PLACOM” N-Series.


N-Series with the most advanced functions and perfect reliability.



Construction and civil engineering,   Forestry area,   Land developing planning,   Ship designing,   Machine designing,   Medical research,   Datalanalysis in statistics,   Agriculture


Measurement by 6 dlglt pulse count
This N-Series can measure the area by pulse count of 6-digits. This method enables a larger cumulative measurement of area (Up to 1Om2)

Maximum cumulative measurement value of 10m2
With the measurement by 6-digit pulse count, the N-Series Planimeter can measure a larger area by 100 times than ordinary Planimeter. The conventional planimeter has a maximum cumulative area to measure only 0.1m2. If measurement value shows over 0.1m2 when measuring, the display is to be reset to “O”. This requires to register the numbers of how many times these resettings are occurred. With the New PLACOM N-Series, there is no need of these troublesome procedures.

Easy conversion function of unit and scale
KP-90N and KP-80N can convert easily the measured area value into a new area value in a newly desired unit and with a newly desired scale value. KP-92N and KP-82N can convert the unit between in2 and cm2

Hold memory function
In cumulative measurement, this Hold Memory function is effectively used. If an error occurs in measuring, press C/AC key. Then last measured value is appeared by pulse oount. Since previous measured values before error are stored, there is no need to another measurements from the beginning.

Automatic shifting of unit to upper unit
When the measured area value overtlows the displayed figures of 8 digits, the measured area value is calculated and displayed by an upper unit. When the overflows is occurred in the uppermost unit, km2, acre, the measurement can be continued by pulse count display.

Average value measurement
In order to get better result of measurement, Mean value measurement is recommended. This measurement can be easily done on this N-Series.

Measurement of an area with different lateral and longitudinal Scale.

Auto-power-off function for energy saving


KP-90N KP-80N
Type Roller Type Polar Type
With Computing Function
Display Liquid Crystal, 8-digit Figures
13 Symbols
Converting Function Unit and Scale value
Measuring Range Max. vertical width: 325mm
Horizntal roller rotating length: Unlimited length for any shape
Max, with the pole put outside the pattern: 300mm in diameter
Max, with the pole put inside the pattern: 800mm in diameter
Measuring Value
Maximum 10m2(Scale 1:1)
Accuracy Within +/-0.2%(Within +/-2/1000pluses)
Power Supply Built-in Ni-MH Battery(rechargeable through AC Adapter)
AC Adapter 100-240V (Auto-power-off function is provided.)
Operating Duration Approx. 30 hours of continuous operation
Battery Charging Time Approx. 15 hours
Main Unit Weight 750g 780g
Accessories Supplied AC Adapter and Plastic Case