Saw logs into timber boards with the LT15START MOBILE wherever you go. Ideal solution for woodworkers looking for an affordable and mobile sawmill. The redesigned trailer allows for sawing on the bed without the need to remove the axle and trailer system. Towing is made safe thanks to upgraded and stiffer bed sections and a pin securing the head for transportation. With LT15START MOBILE produce your timber on the spot!



Standard 5.5 kW electric
Optional 7.5 kW electric
14 HP petrol
Cutting Capacity
Length 4.8 m
Diameter 70 cm
Max. width of cut 64 cm
Max. Cant Width 59 cm
Sawmill Head Features & Options
Standard Hand crank up/down
Hand crank feed system
Up/Down chain
Manual blade guide arm
Blade lubrication system
Options Electric power up/down (screw)
Sawmill Bed Features & Options
Standard S3 bed:
6 Side supports
3 Manual log clamps
Log wedge
Mobile trailer (weight: 750 kg)
Optional Log loading ramps with winch
Length 4010 mm
Width 32-35 mm
Blade Wheel diameter 483 mm