Kemet lubricating Fluid type OS 2.5 liter

Lubricating Fluid

  • Assists Kemet Diamond Products to cut and polish more effectively by absorbing frictional heat and diluting the lapping residue
  • Lubricant performance remains stable even when under high pressure.
  • Manufactured from high purity chemicals


Type Soluble in Colour Zero VOC* Description 450ml Trigger spray 2.5 Litres 25 Litres
W Water Clear Yes Developed for use with types KD and W Kemet Diamond Compound. Recommended for use on all Kemet Polishing Cloths as it helps to extend their life. 301201 301101
W9 Water Clear Yes Recommended for use with FastCut Liquid Diamond and AquaPol Diamond Suspension 301533 301527 301530
W2 Water Clear Developed for use with Kemet Diamond Suspension, particularly when used with Kemet Lapping Plates. (GW2 is odourless) 301202 301102 301205
GW2 Water Light Green 301514 301108
BLUE Water Blue Improves cutting and polishing performance on cloths or plates 301200 301156
LS Oil/Water Blue An alternative to OS Fluid soluble in oil and emulsifiable in water. For use with Kemet Diamond Compounds and Liquid Diamond, particularly where components need to undergo a water based cleaning operation after lapping. 301204 301104
R-OS2 Oil Red For use where water is not permitted 301513 301512
OS Oil Blue Yes Primarily for use with Kemet Diamond Compounds such as types KD and L. Recommended when polishing tooling, moulds and similar components. 301203 301103 301112
K Oil Clear Yes For use with Kemet Liquid Diamond on Kemet Flat Lapping Systems. Assists smooth running of the lapping operation and helps to ensure a cleaner process. 301178 301124 301125
Environmentally friendly products – Not classified as an atmospheric pollutant as they have zero Volatile Organic Compound (VOC)