Golden Bridge Welding Consumables

We Can Supply All Kinds of Welding Electrodes Such As Carbon Steel, Low-alloy, Heat Resistant, Temperature, Stainless Steel, Surfacing and Cast iron.

Main Aplication : vehicles, hipbuilding, oceaneering, Energy power, engineering, machinery, Bridge, construction, rail traffic, pressure vessel, Pipeline, storage tank


Tianjin Bridge was founded in 1957, formerly known as Tianjin welding electrode factory. In 1958,the chinese first bridge across Yangtze River,Wuhan Yangtze River bridge give priority and used the welding consumables produced by Tianjin Bridge when this key project was built. In order to commemorate this honor, Bridge brand was born.After Shareholding restructuring in 1997,our group company was formally established. We located in Tianjin ,xiqing district and covers an area of 1.2million square meters. Our annual output is 1.5million tons per year.In addition, our group also has Hunan Hengyang branch factory, Ningxia Yinchuan branch factory and Xinjiang Urumqi branch factory. With generations hardworking, we become the professional welding consumables manufacturer and welding material R&D enterprise. Our product includes welding electrode( carbon steel , low alloy steel, stainless steel ,nickel and nickel alloy,copper and copper alloy,surfacing electrode ,cast iron electrode and etc. ) ;solid wire (carbon steel , low alloy steel, stainless steel ,nickel and nickel alloy,aluminum and aluminum alloy and etc.) ;flux-cored wire( carbon steel,low alloy steel ,aluminum and aluminum alloy and self-shielded flux cored wire); flux.


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Except for the special order requirements of customers, the production process and finished product inspection of the company’s products are carried out in accordance with national standards, industry standards, enterprise standards and technical conditions of supply. When the user has special requirements for the products supplied, the supplier and the buyer shall negotiate and confirm the relevant technical contract and execute it accordingly.
  • THQ-50C
  • THY-51A
  • THY-58Ni1

PRODUCTS: Welding electrode, Solid wire, Flux cored wire, Welding&Flux