Single Hole EDM Copper Tube Electrode EDM Drill Bit

Copper tube is used to EDM holes in all materials. Copper tube gives better results against carbides than brass tube. When EDM drilling through very hard materials such as Carbide, Tungsten, diamond, copper electrode tube widely used.


EDM Electrode Copper Tube Features:
Outer Diameter: 0.2MM, 0.3MM, 0.4MM, 0.5MM, 0.6MM, 0.7MM, 0.8MM, 0.9MM ……2.9MM, 3.0MM
Material: Copper

Copper tube can be used to EDM hole drill in all material types. Copper, because of its molecular composition tends to last longer during hole burning compared mostly to Brass.
One unique characteristic of Copper is that it is ideal when small hole drilling through very hard materials such as Carbide and Tungsten. This is because it has a slower and more stable burning rate that will measure up stronger. When EDM hole burning through a depth to width ratio of greater than 100 to 1 this also tends to be ideal because a more controlled hole erosion will leave a more accurate and straighter hole.

When Should I Use Copper Tube Electrode?
When a lower wear rate is required. The fast disintegration rate of brass confers no increase in drilling speed when the target material is resilient. The lower disintegration rate of copper leads to greater efficiency in comparison to brass when the target material is tough.
When the workpiece is made of tough materials—including metals such as carbide, tungsten, or a mixture of tungsten carbide, and exotic materials such as carbon-carbon, sintered diamond, or silicon/silicon carbide—copper is the preferred electrode material.

When Should I Not Use Copper Tube Electrode?
When the target material is relatively soft. The slower disintegration rate of copper confers no increase in efficiency when the target material is relatively soft. The faster disintegration rate of brass leads to faster drilling when the hardness of the target material is a non-issue.
Softer materials include mild, tool, stainless, and alloy steel.

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