Single Hole Tubing EDM Brass Tube Electrode for Small Hole Drilling EDM

We are specialized in 4 main categories of EDM Tubing: Brass Electrodes Tube, Copper Electrodes Tube, Single Hole Tubing, Multi-Channel Tubing. This EDM electrode tube is the single hole brass tube for small hole popping drilling EDM.



EDM Brass Tube Features:
Outer Diameter: 0.2MM, 0.3MM, 0.4MM, 0.5MM, 0.6MM, 0.7MM, 0.8MM, 0.9MM ……2.9MM, 3.0MM
Material: Brass
Composition: Cu: 63.5%~68.0%, Zinc: 32%~36%,others
Impurities: <=0.03%
Conductivity: 95 (%IACS)
Color: Yellow

Brass Tube Electrodes Applications:

EDM Electrode Tube is applicable to high speed electric spark small hole popping EDM machines, especially for deep and small holes electric discharge drilling spark erosion.

When Should I Use Brass Electrodes?
When speed is important. Brass electrodes have a faster wear rate than copper electrodes, which results in a faster drill speed when the target material is not tough.
When the workpiece or part you are machining is made up of relatively soft materials such as tool, stainless, or mild steel.

When Should I Not Use Brass Electrodes?
When the workpiece or part you are machining is made up of materials such as carbide, tungsten or a mixture of tungsten carbide, brass electrodes will not be as efficient as copper electrodes, due to its chemical composition and disintegration rate.
When you are EDM drilling through exotic materials such as carbon-carbon, sintered diamond, or silicon/silicon carbide, you should use brass tube electrode.

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