Microscopes Measuring

STM7-BSW is a measurement support software for measuring microscopes.
Not only is a live image acquired by digital camera and displayed on a monitor, but also observation,  measurements and report creation are possible on the same screen. Therefore, the STM7-BSW improves your work efficienc


STM7-BSW System Requirements

Item System Configurations
CPU Intel Core i3 Processors 3 GHz or more
Memory 4 GB or more
HD available space 100 GB or more hard disk space for installation
SSD hard disk is recommended for high speed image acquisition
Graphic card Graphic card available for resolution 1980 x 1080 and 32bit color
Drive DVD Drive
PC input device 2-button mouse (3-button mouse with a wheel is recommended.) Keyboard
Operating system Microsoft Windows 7 Professional (32bit/64bit) SP1
Microsoft Windows 10 Professional (32bit/64bit) (Version:1511)
Web browser Internet Explorer 8.0