Material Stavak Material Stavax 2083 ESR

Stavax ESR is the most renowned of the ASSAB plastic mould steels. As the core product in the Stainless Concept series it is characterised as a through hardening corrosion resistant mould steel with excellent polishability. Stavax ESR is electro slag remelted in order to further reduce the number of inclusions in the steel.

Stavax ESR is a premium stainless mould steel for small and medium inserts and cores. Stavax ESR combines corrosion and wear resistance with excellent polishability, good machinability and stability in hardening. Mould maintenance requirement is reduced by assuring that core and cavity surfaces retain their original finish over extended operating periods. When compared with non stainless mould steel, Stavax ESR offers lower production costs by
maintaining rust free cooling channels, assuring consistent cooling and cycle time. This classic stainless tool steel is the right choice when rust in production is unacceptable and where requirements for good hygiene are high, as within
the medical industry, optical industry and for other high quality transparent parts.


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Stavax ESR is a premium grade stainless tool steel with the following properties:

  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Excellent polishability
  • Good wear resistance
  • Good machinability
  • Good stability in hardening

The combination of these properties gives a steel with outstanding production performance. The practical benefits of good corrosion resistance in a plastics mould can be summarised as follows:

    The surface of cavity impressions retain their original
    finish over extended running periods.
    Moulds stored or operated in humid conditions
    require no special protection.
    Since water cooling channels are unaffected by
    corrosion (unlike conventional mould steel), heat
    transfer characteristics, and therefore cooling
    efficiency, are constant throughout the mould life,
    ensuring consistent cycle times.

These benefits, coupled with the high wear resistance of Stavax ESR, offer the moulder low-maintenance long-life moulds for the greatest overall moulding economy.

Note: Stavax ESR is produced using the ElectroSlag-Refining (ESR) technique, resulting in a very low inclusion content.

Stavax ESR is recommended for all types of moulding tools and its special properties make it particularly suitable for moulds with the following demands:

    i.e. for moulding of corrosive materials, e.g. PVC,
    acetates, and for moulds subjected to humid working/
    storage conditions.
    i.e. for moulding abrasive/filled materials, including
    injection-moulded thermosetting grades. Stavax ESR is
    recommended for moulds with long production runs,
    e.g. disposable cutlery and containers.
    i.e. for the production of optical parts, such as camera
    and sunglasses lenses, and for medical containers, e.g.
    syringes, analysis phials.