Cast Iron

Cast Iron Characteristics
Cast iron or grey iron has a relatively high carbon content. It is hard, brittle, nonmalleable and more fusible than steel. Suitable in application demanding the ability to withstand high pressure without leaking.
Typically used in gears, v-pulleys, clutch drums, hydraulic pistons, support bearings, control valves, etc.

Material Specification ( Grey Iron 4E, UB250 )
American standard : ASTM A.48 CLASSES 35-40
National standard : EN 1561 GJL-250
British standard : BS 1452 Gr260
German standard : DIN 1691 GG25
Japanese standard : JIS FC 25


Cast Iron Round Bar

Grade : 4E / FC 25
Dimension : Ø 30mm to Ø 610mm
Size : 1m to 10ft long

Cast Iron Hollow Bar

Grade : 2P / FC 25
Dimension : OD 3” x ID 2.1/2” to
Dimension : OD 16” x ID 12”
Size : 1m long

Cast Iron Square Bar

Grade : 4E / FC 25
Dimension : 30mm Sq to 120mm Sq
Size : 1m long