Galvanised hollow sections, also known as galvanised structural steel tube or galvanised hollow structural sections, is a hollow tubular section that is hot-dip galvanised with a layer of coating on the interior and exterior of the section. Galvanised hollow sections are categorized into three main types: rectangular hollow sections (RHS), square hollow sections (SHS) and circular hollow sections (CHS). Each type of hollow section has its own attributes and serves a specific purpose. Galvanised hollow sections are in both cold formed and hot finished grades, S275 and S355. Galvanised hollow sections are commonly used in a multitude of construction and mechanical applications, where they are used as frames, columns, railings and beams.



Uses of galvanised hollow sections include structural and construction applications, frames, railings, general fabrication, building supports, furniture, automotive, agricultural and manufacturing.


Two of the common grades of galvanised hollow sections are EN10025 S275 and S355. EN10025 S275 is a popular low carbon structural steel grade suitable for various general engineering and construction applications. As a low carbon steel specifications, EN10025 S275 provides high tensile strength with good machinability and can be easily welded at low temperature settings. Galvanised mild steel grade S275 possesses good cold-forming properties and is used widely in the construction, industrial and engineering industries.

Galvanised mild steel grade EN10025 S355 is another widely used low carbon steel, which is suitable for a large number of structural applications. EN10025 S355 usually possesses hot-finished properties has greater mechanical resistance, as well as high yielding strength.

Types Description
Hot-Dip Galvanising Application of a zinc coating by dipping steel in a molten pool of zinc. Alloy layers such as zinc oxide and zinc carbonate, are formed on the primary metal through reaction with the surrounding atmosphere to form a protect coating.
Electrogalvanising An electrolyte solution is passed through an electric current, which is later applied to the steel. The electric current reduces positively charged zinc ions to zinc metal, which is then deposited on the positively charged steel.
Pre-Galvanising Rolling sheet metal through a cleaning agent to quickly prime material for galvanising. The metal is passed through a pool of molten liquid zinc and is instantly recoiled.
Cold Galvanising Application of zinc-rich paint to the surface of steel metal to protect it from corrosion.


Grades Width Thickness Length
EN 10025 S275 Up to 400mm From 1mm Up to 12000mm
EN 10025 S355 Up to 700mm From 1mm Up to 12000mm

Other galvanised mild steel hollow section grades and sizes are available upon request. You can request to cut your galvanised hollow sections down to size.