Chain Block

A high-class load chain with a breaking strength of 1000 N/㎟ (100 kgf/㎟) is key to reliable and safe operation. The dry-type braking mechanism provides excellent performance.


Capacity 0.5 to 50 t
Standard Lift 2.5 m (0.5 to 1.5 t), 3.0 m (2 to 5 t), 3.5 m (7.5 to 50 t)
Operating Temperature -40 to +60℃


Chain Blocks that gives you power to lift heavy objects

 For lifting the load vertically, you should depend on a good quality chain block. Precision and not speed may be your main target. In this case, you can select cost-effective Chain Blocks as the best option. Any of your employees can operate these easily and safely. You can acquire the best value from our user-friendly systems.

Why Use Chain Blocks?

The availability of chain blocks in your facility can make the process of lifting loads smooth and easy. It is a must-have for a company searching for ways to cut down operational and labour expenses. While you invest in such good quality equipment, you can maximize the profits and productivity of your business.

Chain blocks are utilized in multiple industries even if they are common in construction sites, factories, shipyards, mines and other industries. When you aim to lift and relocate heavy loads quickly, the convenient and comfortable option is to use durable chain blocks.

As the leading Chain Blocks Distributors, we ensure to offer you the best available products without compromising on the quality. Check out our varied collection of chain blocks available in different sizes and dimensions.

Key Benefits

  • Chain Blocks is widely approved due to their durability and easy to use factor. They are safe and deliver a high level of performance.
  • These are robust because of the material utilized to make them. The shell material of the tool is made top-quality alloy steel during the production procedure.
  • They have a compact formation and are incredibly lightweight and easy to handle.
  • They have the ability to lift large and heavy loads over 50,000 kg.
  • One of the main reasons for purchasing chain blocks is the low maintenance needs and easy to maintain the original condition of the equipment.