Cable Management & Electrical Supplier
PT Metro Rekayasa Indonesia has been established since 1973.
Being a supplier in the electrical industries for close to 4 decades, its core businesses lie in supplying electrical products
to electrical contractors and clients in the construction and building related industries in Indonesia.


GI Conduit Pipes /
Flexible Conduits
GI and flexible piping system are used for protection and routing of electrical wiring.

Emtech® BS4568 Class 4
Emtech® BS4568 Class 3
Emtech® BS31
Aurora® BS31

Cable Support System
Cable Trunking in electrical wireways, are generally rectangular in cross section with removable lids.
Cable Trays support insulated electric cables used for power distribution and communication.
Cable Ladders supports cables by a traverse bar, similarly to the rungs of a ladder
Lipko® Cable Support System

Lightning Protection /
Earthing Systems
Copper or aluminium down conductor system protects a structure from damage due to lightning strikes by safely passing their extremely high voltage currents to “ground”.
Typical systems include finial points, down conductor, ground electrodes, earthing clamps and inspection pits Emtech® Lightning Protection /
Earthing System

Glands & Lugs
Cable glands attach and secure the end of a cable to equipment.
Cable lugs connect smaller cables employed in communication circuits, or at the other extreme, large cables and bus-bars.
Emtech® Cable Glands & Lugs.