Wood Sawmill Machine LX50 SAWMILL Band Saw Machine

LX50 is the most affordable Twin Rail Sawmill from the LX family. This sawmill offers world renown Wood-Mizer build quality and cutting accuracy at a chainsaw mill price level.

Thin-kerf technology used in the LX50 is the most ecological way of cutting lumber and provides a very high yield. Using up to 1,07 mm blades requires minimal engine power to cut all types of wood. Electricity and petrol consumption is minimal.

Twin rail frame is very stable, which ensures that maximum precision of cut is acquired. Quality of cut is as high as in any other Wood-Mizer sawmill. You will be able to cut wood for your own needs as well as for sale. LX50 throat size will allow you to produce a wide variety of products – with a maximum cant with of 40cm.

Manual lubrication system and cloth pad keeps the blade, wheels and guide rollers clean from sawdust and pitch. In combination with manual blade guide arm and tension system, it eliminates any extra blade vibrations, that ensures precise cut every time.

Connecting LX50 to a sawdust extractor will make it easier to keep your place of work tidy and safer. 4” standard extraction port is compatible with majority of sawdust collection systems.

The LX50 cuts logs up to 66 cm in diameter and 3.8 m long with the standard bed. In order to cut longer logs, bed extensions can be added to extend the sawmill bed to any required cutting length. 1.53 m extensions are available to order optionally. 14hp four stroke Kohler engine is very efficient and doesn’t produce a lot of noise or fumes for work outside. 5kW 3 phase electric motor achieves it’s maximum productivity and is ideal for work in a small workshop.

The sawmill is shipped on a small pallet (160 x 65 x 100 cm). Simple to follow video and written instructions will allow you to start sawing quickly and easily.

Cutting height is adjusted by a crank.

Powerful gas engine and electric motor combined with thin-kerf bandsaw blades make cutting on LX50 easy on your back. The sawmill will cut through logs effortlessly.

LX50 is made in EU and comes with standard two years warranty.

We supply blades for soft and hardwood that will cover all your requirements. Sharpening service, spare parts and blades are available



Power 5.5 kW Electric
14 HP (10.5 kW) Petrol – KOHLER COMMAND PRO CH440
Max. Log Diameter 66 cm
Max. Log Length 3.8 m (3 segments 1.53 m each, S3 Bed)
Max. Width of Cut 55 cm
Max. Cant width 40 cm
Max. Depth of Cut 19 cm
Setworks N/A
Head Up/Down Hand Crank
Head Forward/Reverse Manual Push
Blade Guide Arm Manual
Blade Lubrication Manual valve
Blade Tension System Screw with indicator
Debarker N/A
Additional Options N/A
Sawdust Collection Port Diameter 101.6 mm
Length 3330 mm (150 teeth)
Width 32 mm
Thickness 0.9 mm
1.0 mm
1.07 mm
Diameter 400 mm
Type Belted
Material Cast Iron
Bed Construction Twin Rail
Angled Bed Rails N/A
Bed Extensions Additional Bed Sections: 1.53 m
Trailer Package N/A
Standard features Adjustable legs
Manual S3 bed (3 segments 1.53 m each): 2 Side supports, 2 Manual Log Clamps
STANDARD Hydraulic N/A
SUPER Hydraulic N/A
Frame Construction xFrame
Power requirements 3 Ph 400 V 50 Hz / 10,5 A (5.5 kW)
Standards CE
Options Cant Hook
Log Wedge