Goltens Pump High Pressure Hydraulic Pumps

The Goltens’ G-pump is a high pressure hydraulic pump specifically designed to meet an ever increasing demand for an economical, compact and portable source of hydraulic pressure for the operation of jacking equipment.


Operators have relied on the Goltens’ G-Pump for decades. Its high-quality manufacture and rugged construction make it long lasting, top choice for overhaul and repair applications. The G-pump provides tensioning, jacking and bolting during engine overhauls with the power, speed and reliability as required. This high-pressure hydraulic pump is air driven but is also equipped with handle for manual operations.

Type G1400 HP

Weight – 15kgs
Dimensions – 420 x 280 x 220mm
Max Oil Pressure – 1400Bar
Max Continuous Working Pressure – 1080Bar
Max Air Drive Pressure – 8 bar (Kp/cm2)

Type G2800 HP

Weight – 34Kgs
Dimensions – 370 x 330 x 500mm
Max Oil Pressure – 2930Bar
Max Continuous Working Pressure – 2069Bar
Nominal Ratio Air : Oil – 1 : 300