Nikko Steel Welding Rod

MMA Electrodes For Mild and Medium Tensile Steels


This group of electrodes is designed for general fabricational welding of wrought sections of C-Mn steel up to 15 mm in thickness. The wrought steels may be in the form of sheet, plate, pipe, rolled, drawn or extruded products.

Applications include:  plate for ship hull construction, site and workshop welding of pipes and pipeline, construction of pedestrian walkways and bridges, vehicle and boiler construction as well as a great variety of general construction and workshop applications.

The mechanical properties given in the individual data sheets are representative of all weld metal deposits welded in the flat position to the appropriate national standard.

However, it should be noted that mechanical properties of the weld metal can vary with heat input and post-weld cooling rates and can thus be affected by welding procedure, welding position and material thickness.



C-10 A5.1 E6010 Root run pipeline welding on DC+ only Download
C-11 A5.1 E6011 Root run pipeline welding AC or DC+ Download
C-10Mo  A5.5 E7010-A1 Capping pass pipeline welding DC+ Download
C-10P1 A5.5 E7010-P1 Root pass, hot pass, filler and capping pass pipeline welding DC+ Download
C-10G A5.5 E7010-G Download
GA-120 A5.1 E7014 All positional 120% metal recovery Download
GA-24 A5.1 E7024 Downhand and horizontal fillet with  180% metal recovery Download
DM-727 A5.1 E7027 Downhand and horizontal fillet with  180% metal recovery Download
RD-260 A5.1 E6013 Versatile general purpose electrode Download
RD-460 A5.1 E6013 Used to maximum advantage for vertical down welding Download
RC 8 A5.1 E6013 General purpose and vertical down root runs Download
D-60 A5.1 E6012 For all positional welding including vertical down Download
I-10 A5.1 E6019 Used to best advantage for V.U. and O.H. on thicker sections Download
ED-7 Download
D-03 A5.1 E6013 Download
GA-27 A5.1 E6027 Downhand and horizontal fillet with  180% metal recovery Download
ERP A5.1 E6013 Particularly suited for sheet metal and thinner plates Download