Hand Protection & Body Protection

Other than gloves, any other article of clothing or protection worn for a purpose serve to protect the skin. Lab coats for example, are worn to protect against potential splashes of chemicals. Face shields serve to protect one’s face from potential impact hazards, chemical splashes or possible infectious fluid.


Rubber Gloves
Cotton Gloves/ Kevlar Gloves
Kevlar Sleeves/ Apron/ Hood
Aluminized Gloves/ Boots
Cold Thermal Gloves
Dyneema Gloves
Cut resistant Gloves
Nitrile Coated Gloves
Mechanical Gloves/ PVC Gloves
Protective Gloves
Cotton/Nylon Interlock Gloves
Cotton Gloves
Leather Gloves
Glove Clip
Disposable Coveralls
Bouffant Cap/ Shoe Covers/ Hoods