HySecurity Gate Operators

Nice | HySecurity, the gate and barrier division of Nice North America, is a worldwide recognized industry leader of automated gate and perimeter security solutions. The Nice brand features residential and commercial gate operators, from elegant linear actuators to refined swing gate operators. The HySecurity brand provides high-quality, ultra-reliable industrial gate operators and crash-rated, Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) vehicle barriers designed to secure and protect critical infrastructure and facilities.


HySecurity gate operators, crash gates, barrier arms and wedge barrier arm operators provide unparalleled reliability, quality, total lifetime value, and field configurable functionality. These respected machines protect everything from terrorism targets to single family residences worldwide. HySecurity is represented worldwide by a network of distributors.

HySecurity Products:
StrongArm™ Models: 14F, 20, 28, 36 & DOT 28
StrongArmCrash™ Models: M30, M30 NP & M50, M50 NP
StrongArmPark DC™ Models: DC10, DCS10, DC14 & DCS14
SlideDriver™ Models: 15, 30F, 40, 50VF2/3, 80, & 200
SlideSmart DC™ Models: DC10F & DCS10F, DC15 & DCS15
SwingRiser™ Models: 14, 14 Twin, 19, 19 Twin, 30 & 30 Twin
HydraSwing™ Models: 40, 40 Twin, 40F, 40F Twin, 80F & 150
SwingSmart DC™ Models: DC 20 & DCS 20
HydraLift™ Models: 10, 20, 10F & 20F
WedgeSmart DC™/DCS

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