Teclock GX-02 Automatic Hardness Measuring System

X-02 is an automatic rubber hardness measurement system. It carried out in defined operating speed, measurements mass and pressure face dimensions by JIS K 6253 Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic – How to find hardness.

Automatic hardness measurement by the motor drive.
Easy operation with easy-to-read touch panel.
It allows two types of measurement of the maximum value and the timer value.
Compact integrated.
New JIS ISO-compliant.
With sensor replacement and optional weight, A, D and E can be measured by single equipment.


Automatic hardness tester [GX-02 series] can perform the measurement with the operating speed,
the measuring weight and the pressing-surface dimensions which are specified in JIS K 6253
“Determination of hardness – Vulacanized rubber and Thermoplastic rubber”.


  • Operation is easy-to-use touch panel system.
  • Peak-hold, Timer-Hold, Median value, Tolerance judgment etc can be displayed and outputted.
  • GX-02A (Type A) is for 1kg load, and GX-02D (Type D) is for 5kg load,
    and each can perform automatic hardness measurement.
  • Sensor of Type A and D is chanegeable. Additionally, for measurements with Type D,
    4 kg weight (Option: ZY-046) is required.
  • Connectable to PC or printer.
  • Alignment unit achieving high adhesion with a test piece is adopted to the Durometer sensor mounting part.
  • Calibration documents can be issued.}
    * Operating speed : 3.2mm/sec or less Measurement weight: Type A = 1+0.1/0 kg Type D=5+0.5/0 kg
    (Total with the weight of Durometer) Pressing-surface dimensions: 018±0.5mm =Specified in JIS K 6253


 Standards  ISO 7619 / JIS K 6253 compliance
 Minimum indication  0.1
 System feautures  Peak-holding function, Timer-holding function (Timer value 0.5,1 to 99sec.),
Tolerance judging function, Mean value, outputting function (n=1 to 30),
Data output (PC printer), Outer functions control output
 Outside interface  RS-232C
 Power  AC100~240V(ACAdapter)
 Dimensions  170(W) x 160(L) x 470(H) mm
 Weight  11kg (Including weight 1kg)
 Sensor unit  Model : GSS-619 (Type A)
GSS-620 (Type D)
Pressing-surface diameter : Ø18mm
Code length : 2m
Dimensions : 50(W) x 35(L) x 124(H)mm
Weight : 320g