Taper designs may be specified by an included angle and an angularity tolerance; or the slope may be defined as “Basic” and a “form or contour” tolerance applied to the profile. In either case a datum controlling the size of the taper must be located at some point on the taper. Referred to as a “Reference or Datum diameter”, this dimension relates the taper to some feature on the workpiece, such as an adjacent shoulder or a theoretical sharp corner at one end of the taper.


Types of Taper Gages


HSK Taper Gages

Used for measuring HSK toolholders and spindles.


CAT Taper Gages

Used for measuring CAT toolholders and spindles.

3 circuit taper mandrel for medical hip stem

Medical Taper Gages

Used for measuring hip stems and dental implants.


  • Self Release Taper Gauges
  • Self Release 7 / 24 Taper Gauges

Selection & Ordering

Selection of correct male or female Gauges depends on :

  • Type of Gauge
  • Type of Taper
  • Standard Specifications

We also manufacture the following types of taper gauges

ISO / BT Gauge 30 to 80
B – Taper Gauge B10 to B24
Jacob Taper Gauge 0 to 12
Metric Taper Gauge 40 to 120
ER Taper Gauge 8 to 40
Jarno Taper Gauge 2 to 20

Description & Features

  • The ISO Taper Gauges, both Plug and Ring type are made of superior quality high Carbon Chrome alloy Steel.
  • Heat Treated and hardened to 58-60 HRC, to provide a high degree of wear resistance.
  • Fine lapped to get maximum seating and surface finish.
  • The Taper Gauges are rough ground and kept for a long period of time before finishing is given; this is done to prevent any distortions and ensure stability through their use.

Common Uses

The Taper Gauges finds its use in manufacture of Milling Machines, Milling Machine arbors, Core tooling etc.

  • They are used to check the taper bore of milling machine spindles or female sockets.
  • They are used to check the external taper of Milling Machine Arbors or CNC tooling.

Scope of Supply

The Smitra Taper Gauges are made to IS : 9475 – 1980, and are available in two types :

  • Taper Plug Gauges.
  • Taper Ring Gauges.

Ordering Example :

  • Smitra Taper Plug Gauge / ISO – 30.
  • Smitra Taper Ring Gauge / ISO – 50.
  • Smitra Taper Plug Gauge : 7 / 24 taper 40 / IS – 9475.
  • Smitra Taper Ring Gauge : 7 / 24 taper 60 / IS – 9475.