CMM Fixture Kits & CMM Flexible Calibration Kit

We are CMM fixture supplier. Below share our two products with you, if you are interested in, welcome to contact us,

1) 98pcs CMM Fixture Kits,  the base plate thickness is 25mm and the size could be customized.

2) Stand of Gauge blocks for CMM Flexible Calibration, All Direction 2D 3D Calibrating.


The CMM Calibration Stand


The Xyz series coordinates measuring machine gauge fixturing system is specially designed for CMM calibration, which is with stable dynamic performance and reliable structure. The Xyz series helps to adjust the gauge angle in 3D direction easily, used for calibrating the bridge type high accuracy coordinates measuring machines.  

 The Xyz series gauge fixturing system is widely used in the measuring institution and enterprises, it should be an outstanding tool for your calibration.



 * High working efficiency

The 2D and 3D locating angle adjusting is using repeatable locating structure, able to achieve multiple measuring process with only one program, to verify the effect of each angle’s compensation, offers much higher working efficiency.

  * Innovative angle locating

Using pressure surface locating and clamping method, ensures stable and accurate locating of the angle, protect the gauge blocks, instead of simple assistance tools or the screw clamping.


* Flexible components

The gauges supporting plate and height supporting column have flexible expanding components, users can choose the suitable components based on the length of the gauges.

 * Flexible gauges distribution

 Including more than 90 locating holes, for users to put any size gauges inside the grooves.

It can put six pieces gauge blocks at the same time.

  * Convenient base fixing

 The supporting base and the CMM machine base connecting is using screws, offers standard screws of M8, M10 and M12, compatible with different types of CMM.

 * Innovative marking points scale

We have created a special scale with marking points, for fast locating of different size gauge blocks