Webbing Sling

Webbing slings are usually made from polyester, and are designed to lift heavy loads. … Webbing slings are flexible, lightweight and have a wide bearing surface, which helps protect the load you are lifting.


Synthetic Sling – High Strength, Low Weight and Easy to Handle Synthetic Lifting Slings

A synthetic lifting sling is employed in operations that use rigging supplies, hoists, cranes, and crane wire ropes. Several top quality materials are utilized to manufacture durable synthetic lifting slings, with the normal ones being alloy chains, flat synthetic sling and synthetic slings. It is versatile and sturdy and provides numerous benefits to heavy industries like mining, shipping, and construction.

Role of Synthetic Lifting Slings

Synthetic slings are created from soft materials but are well-built enough to lift heavy loads and protect expensive and fragile loads from damages like scratches and crushing. They may be an ideal choice for your overhead lift and can offer the flexibility, strength, and support you require to move material through your facility or job location.

As they’re incredibly flexible, they can form to the shape of delicate and irregularly-shaped loads, or be utilized in a choker hitch to grip loads of round bar stock or tubes safely. We aim to supply and distribute all kinds of lifting slings and rigging hardware in the market.

Key Benefits

Offering an ample number of benefits for hoisting, lifting, and rigging applications, our long-lasting synthetic slings are known to be:

Lightweight – As a synthetic sling is lightweight, it is appealing for most lifting applications. It is also easy to transport within the premises and from one location to another.

Extra Flexible – It is made from flexible fibers, which make it tightly grip unevenly contoured loads without hassle. This property also makes them perfectly suitable for handling fragile items without crushing or scratching them.

Custom-Made – Theycan be custom-made to meet the unique requirements of an application. We can get you a personalized lifting sling that is as per the strength and length/width needed.

Polyester flat webbing sling sinoforge

  • Colour coded according to EN 1492-1
  • Low elongation
  • Every sling is individually serial numbered, tagged and comes with test certificate
  • Fabricated using 100% polyester yarn and sewn with 2 ply webbing
  • A durable and specially woven, 100% polyester with standard folded eyes that incorporates eye wear padding to provide maximum protection around the eyes
  • Wide & flat load bearing surfaces
  • Safety factor of 8:1 or 6:1 or 5:1 are available upon request
  • 1 ply or 4 ply is available upon request