Habia Cable

Our standard cables and wires

At Habia, we specialise in creating custom cables and harnesses for the world’s most demanding applications. We also have an extensive range of standard products, including industry-standard wires and cables, cables made to third party specifications, and proven cable concepts that we’ve developed over the years. All of them can be adapted to meet your specific needs, no matter how unique.


RG Coaxial cable

Coaxial cables

Our standard coaxial range includes RG, low-noise and sub-miniature coaxial cables – each with their own unique benefits and properties.

Flexiform™ - reformable coaxial cable

Reformable coaxial cables

Operating at frequencies up to 18 GHz, where high performance and flexibility are required, our Flexiform™ is the ideal solution.

Multibend coax cable

Flexible coaxial cables

Our Multibend™ coaxial cable offers very nearly the same performance as Flexiform™, but with the benefit of unlimited flexes.

Seaguard LWB VG

Military cables

Product ranges designed to meet military specifications VG 95218, VG 95218-29, Def Stan 61-12 and BS3G210.

RFOU S101 offshore marine cable

BFOU and RFOU cables

Our cables are made in full compliance with the NEK TS 606 standard and approved by DNV GL, amongs others.

Lightweight marine cables

Halogen-free cables made to our DMFRO™ concept, ideal for cost-effective marine applications.

Habiatron™ - nuclear power cable for safety critical  environments

Nuclear cables LOCA

The Habiatron™ product range operates in the safety-critical environments found in a nuclear power plant.

Fire resistant cables

The Habiaflame™ product range consists of fire resistant and flame retardant cables and wires, that can operate in 1565°C.

Hi-Flex STJ flexible power cable

Flexible power cables

Ideal for hybrid electric drives, our Hi-Flex™ cable range supports both military and commercial applications.

RTFRO cable

Diesel engine cables

Cables made to our RTFRO™ concept. Includes multicores, multi-pairs and multi-triples.

Habiasense HT5 signal cable

Sensor cables

Habiasense™ – our cable range specifically made for measurement equipment.

Habiatherm™ - thermocouple cables for temperature sensors

Thermocouple cables

Habiatherm™ – our cable range specifically made for temperature sensors.

BS 3G 210 Signal Cable

Signal cables

Small multicores with ETFE, FEP, PTFE or HFI insulations and sheaths, made to standards.

Single wires

A wide range of materials are available for use as wire insulation; ETFE, FEP, PFA and PTFE.

UL certified wires, cables and coaxials

UL certified wires and cables

All our certified UL AWM styles; single cores, twisted wires, multicore cables and coaxes.

Electrical screening

Our Harnbraid™ over-shielding solution is ideal for harnesses.