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LOCTITE Clover Silicon Carbide Grease Mix abrasive
pastes are the preferred abrasives for fast cutting all but the
hardest and toughest metals. The result is a smooth flat
surface. LOCTITE® Clover® Silicon Carbide Grease Mix is the
most widely used. It retains the texture and lubrication
properties during extended lapping. Typical applications
include lapping, honing and grinding valve seats, gear teeth,
dowel holes in dies, bushiongs, flat surfaces on seals and
castings, machining parts, shafts, knives and cutting blades


Technology Grinding Compound
Chemical Type Silicon carbide in a petroleum carrier
Appearance Grey/Black paste
Cure Non-curing
Application Grinding, Lapping and Honing

Specific Benefit
● Sixteen (16) discrete particle
sizes – 1200, 1000, 800, 600,
500, 400, 320, 280, 240, 220,
180, 150, 120, 100, 80, 54

● Each grit is held within either
ANSI or FEPA specifications for
particle size distribution

Loctite Clover Silicon Carbide Grease Mix

Loctite® Clover® Silicon Carbide Grease Mix is a standard abrasive paste for fast metal removal. Produces a smooth, flat surface but not a polished one. Leaves a rust-preventing film on lapped surfaces.

Fast-working silicone carbide grease mix.

  • Petroleum and silicone carbide abrasive grease mix.
  • General abrasive paste for speedy removal of metal.
  • Results in an unpolished but smooth, flat surface.
  • Rust preventing film is left behind on lapped surfaces.
  • Ideal for activities that include lapping, grinding and honing.

Use on valve seats, dowel holes and gear teeth in dies, bushings and others

Clover Compound FEL-PRO TYPE B

Clover Compound FEL-PRO TYPE 1A