Shaping Machine / Mesin Sekrap

Shaping machine is a machine designed for giving desired shapes to the surfaces that may be horizontal, vertical and flat. A shaping tool is used to cut in curves, different angles, and many other shapes. The cutting tool is used to give the shape to the hard surface of metal or wood by removing the excess material.


Model  BC6063/BC6066
 Maximum cutting length(mm)  630/660
 Maximum distance from ram bottom to table surface(mm)  385
 Maximum table horizontal travel(mm)  630
 Maximum table vertical travel(mm)  360
 Dimensions of table top surface(L×W)(mm)  630×400/660×400
 Travel of tool head(mm)  120
 Number of ram strokes per minute  14,20,28,40,56,80
 Swivel of tool head(°)  ±60°
 Maximum size of tool shank(W×T)(mm)  20×30
 Range of table power feed  horizontel  0.2~2.5
 vertical  0.08~1.00
 Width of central T-slot of table(mm)  18
 Power of mortr(kw)  3
 Overall dimensions(L×W×H)(mm)  2342×1225×1480
 N.W/G.W(kg)  1750/1870 1800/1920