Makino EDM Machine

Makino is the world leader in EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining). With more than 140 patents, a Makino EDM means faster processing times and superior surface finishes for even the most complex part geometries. See how Makino turns innovation and technology into increased production and a lower cost per part for our customers.


Makino Wire EDM

Makino U3 Wire EDM, electric discharge machine, fastest Wire EDM in the machining industry

Makino EDM U Series

Featuring the industry’s Fastest High-Precision Wire EDM

Makino UPV-3 wire EDM for ultra high accuracy machining with best possible surface finish

Makino EDM UPV Series

Ideal for ultra-high accuracy applications and best possible finish

Specs Coming Soon!

Makino UPN-01 wire EDM

Makino Sinker EDM

Makino EDGE3i sinker EDM electric discharge machine

Makino EDGE Series

Precision Machining SEDM ideal for general precision machining needs

Makino EDAF3 sinker EDM

Makino EDAF Series

High Precision/Fine Finish SEDM ideal for die/mold applications

Makino EDNC20 sinker EDM, electric discharge machine for large, hardened and conductive material

Makino EDNC Series

Designed for High Precision/Fine Finish of large die/mold applications