Vardex API (Buttress Casing Thread) Turning Inserts

Solutions for Pipes and Couplings

Vardex’s advanced threading solutions for the oil and gas industry, now include specialized solutions for tough and challenging applications in the following insert profiles:

  • Buttress
  • Extreme Line
  • VAM
  • New VAM
  • Hughes H-90

Solutions for Rotary Drill Stem Connections

Unique insert design with strengthened cutting edge and increased tool life for the following Rotary Drill stem connections:

  • NC – Number Connection
  • REG -Regular Style
  • FH – Full Hole
  • IF – Internal Flash

New Solutions for Machining Seal Components in Premium Connections Vargus’ new high precision inserts for the Oil & Gas industry are specially designed to reproduce a variety of different insert profile geometries accurately and consistently onto the component for optimized manufacturing of seal components.

Quotations for tailor-made solutions are available upon receipt of the seal component geometry.


• High indexability of insert cutting edges: ± 0.02mm (± .0008”)
• Profile geometry can be tailored to specific applications
• Economical inserts with 3 cutting corners
• Insert profile is copied onto the component for significantly reduced machining cycle times
• Shorter set-up time
• Simple CNC programming NEW Seal Component Machining


Vardex API (Buttress Casing Thread) Turning Inserts

API Buttress Casing (con’t)

Products Made in Israel

Manufacturer: Vardex

Model: API Buttress Casing