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A magnetic drill press is a portable drilling machine equipped with an electro magnet or permanent magnet base and is used for making holes in metal.

A Magnetic drill press is a machine tool fitted with a cutting tool attachment and an electromagnet, is used for drilling holes in metals. A magnetic drill press is attached with cutting tools called as a core drill, this core drill is hollow from inside but has cutting edges on the surface and on teeth.

A magnetic drill press is also called a magnetic core drilling machine, magnetic drilling machine, mag base drill, magnetic drill machine, mag base drill or mag drill.

A magnetic drill press can also perform operations like Thread cutting (tapping), Twist drilling, Reaming and Countersinking. A portable magnetic drill press  makes holes in metal with the help of a special cutting tool called as core drill or annular cutter or annular core cutter.

What is a Magnetic Drill Press?Difference between a conventional drilling machine and a magnetic core drilling machine:

The main difference is that, unlike the conventional drilling machine, a magnetic core drilling machine is portable and flexible, it can be moved from one place to another, it can be fixed horizontally, vertically, sideways, etc. Such flexibility of working is never achieved by any other drilling machine.

Another difference is that a core drilling machine cuts only on the periphery of the hole and not all over the whole surface, hence it has to cut very little material and therefore is faster and economical. That is why under normal condition a magnetic drill press is considered to be three to four times faster than the traditional drilling machines.

Description of a magnetic drill press:What is a Magnetic Drill Press?

A portable magnetic drill press is a new technology machine and a faster substitute against the old technology metal hole making machines like Drill press, Geared head drill press, Radial arm drill press, Mill drill, etc.


A portable magnetic drill press is a new technology machine and a faster substitute against the old technology metal hole making machines like Drill press, Geared head drill press, Radial arm drill press, Mill drill, etc.

A portable magnetic drill press with core drill bits (annular cutters) makes holes above 12 mm diameter. For the holes below 12 mm diameter, one can use twist drill bits. The core drill bits used for these machines are generally produced from high speed steels (HSS) and tungsten carbide tip (TCT).

Depending on the nature of the material to be drilled and the diameter of the hole, the user decides to use HSS or TCT core drills.
With annular cutters, a magnetic drill press gives an accuracy of 0.005 mm up to 0.001 mm in steel, stainless steel, etc.

A portable magnetic drill press is available in various sizes, shapes, designs, electronics, and equipment depending upon the purpose of the machine. It combines the versatility of a drill press with a strong electromagnetic base enabling it to adhere to carbon steel (ferrous metal) surface. It can be positioned to drill horizontally, vertically, or even upside down (overhead).

The design of a magnetic drill press:

A magnetic drill press comprises of maily four parts, magnetic d´base, drill stand, motor and arbour.

Magnetic Base

The base of a magnetic drill press is equipped with a powerful electromagnet to easily clamp (adhere) the machine on the workpiece to be drilled. When energized this magnet gets strongly fixed on the workpiece locking the machine base to the metal workpiece which helps the operator to give a steady feed against the workpiece. The electromagnet plays a very important role in a portable magnetic drill press, as it helps the machine to be steady, does not let the machine dismount during drilling, can work with the machine overhead, horizontal or vertical. Generally, a magnetic drill press is used on a ferrous material directly, but it can also be used on no ferrous material like stainless steel with the help of clamping devices.

Drill Stand

A drill stand is the main body of the magnetic drill press where the electric switches for motor and magnet are mounted, magnet indicator is mounted and also PCBs are mounted. The body of the magnetic drill press holds together the motor and the magnetic base. The feed handle is also attached to the body. The body of the magnetic drill press helps the motor slide on it to get an upward and downward feed. The body of the magnetic drill press also plays the role of a handle to lift and move the machine from one place to another. The material used for the body is generally cast iron.


The motor is the main component of a magnetic drill press. It is a DC motor. The output power of the motor ranges from 800 watts to 2300 watts depending upon the power required for drilling. A larger diameter hole will require a more powerful motor. The motor used for drilling and tapping machines will also have a clock and anti-clockwise rotation option. Generally, the electronics for speed and torque control are located on the motor itself.


An arbor also called as tool holder or chuck on a magnetic drill press is attached to the motor. It is a type of clamp used to attach the core drills. There are mainly two types of chuck available for the magnetic drill press, industrial arbor (manual tightening) and quick change drill chucks. The quick-change drill chucks are easy and fast option to attach the core drills. They do not need to tighten the screws/jaws manually. The arbor or chucks have different types of spindle holder (machine taper) like Morse taper MT 2, MT 3, and MT 4. The chuck allows different types of core drill shafts (shanks) to fit in it.

Operation of magnetic base drill press:

The magnetic drill press is meant primarily for users in the field of construction, fabrication and heavy engineering industry. These machines are ideal to be used both onsite as well as in the workshops. Magnetic drill presses are not only made for core drilling but are also ideal for twist drilling, reaming, countersinking and tapping (thread cutting). Unless you’re making blind holes or holes less than 12 mm diameter, core drilling is worthy of serious consideration, especially if your application is not under controlled shop conditions.

What is a Magnetic Drill Press?

A wide variety of portable magnetic mounted drills exist to drill holes, on-site, for repair or construction on structural steel. These newer, lightweight machines can also be used in manufacturing or fabrication shops. Configurable in both horizontal and vertical positions, magnetic drill presses are also available with pneumatic or hydraulic power for underwater/hazardous locations.

Mechanism and working of magnetic drill press:

A magnetic drill press works same as a normal conventional drilling
machine, but the advantage is that one can take the magnetic drill press to the workpiece. This advantage makes the magnetic drill press very portable and useful. The mechanism of the magnetic drill press motor is same as DC motor with speed and torque controls. The working of a magnetic drill press is very simple and easy and can be explained in following steps,

What is a Magnetic Drill Press?

  • Keep the magnetic drill press on the workpiece to be drilled.
  • Attach the desired core drill (annular cutter) along with an ejector pin to the arbor according to the diameter and cutting depth of the hole to be made.
  • Place and position the magnetic drill press where the hole is to be made.
  • Adjust to get the center of the hole.
  • Connect the magnetic drill press machine to the power source (230V or 110V depending on the model).
  • Adjust the speed gear of the machine as per the cutting speed.
  • Switch on the magnet switch
  • Switch on the motor.
  • Switch on the lubrication tap.
  • Give a downward feed to the machine to drill. This creates a hole in the workpiece.
  • Pass the complete annular cutter through the workpiece and then give a reverse feed and bring the motor to the initial position.
  • A metal core will fall making a perfect hole in the plate.

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Types of magnetic drill preses:

There are a variety of magnetic drill presses using a wide variety of cutting tools like annular cutters (core drills), twist drillstaps (thread cutting tools), reamers, and countersinks. Magnetic drill presses are extremely versatile machines that can drill a hole up to 130 mm diameter and tap M42 in steel. The most powerful core drilling machine capable of core drilling up to 130 mm diameter called MAB 1300 is made by our company. This is the world’s most powerful magnetic drill machine which is now also available in automatic feed option as model name MAB 1300V.

There are several types or models of magnetic drill presses depending upon their uses, drives, size, feed, operation, etc. Some of the popular types are as follows.

Lightweight magnetic drill:

Lightweight types of magnetic drill presses are very popular to perform several operations where the weight of a machine to carry is a great concern like working on an electric pole, mobile tower, TV tower, Bridges, etc. Our light weight magnetic drill model is called MAB 100K.

Automatic and semi-automatic feed magnetic drill:

Magnetic drill presses with fully and semi-automatic drill feed are very popular these days. These machines help in saving time and energy and resulting in more production. Our fully automatic drilling machines models are AutoMAB 350 & AutoMAB 450, and veriable automatic magnetic drilling machines are MAB 825V/MAB 845V and MAB 1300V.

Pneumatic magnetic drill:

Pneumatic core drilling machines are specially used where there is a danger of fire due to electricity. This model used for a more secure purpose. The motor is driven by pneumatic medium and the magnetic is a permanent magnet instead of an electromagnet. Our oneumatic magnetic drill press model is AirMAB 5000.

Rail core drilling machines:

The specially made rail core drilling machines are the best option for drilling holes in railway tracks. These machines are equipped with special clamping devices instead of a magnet to get clamped on the track. The rail drilling models are available in Electric drive as RailMAB 915 and in the petrol drive as RailMAB 965.

Horizontal  magnetic drill:

Horizontal magnetic drill presses with angular gears are specially used for most confined drilling situations. Our horizontal compact magnetic drilling machine is called MAB 155.

Magnetic drilling & milling machine:

The innovative magnetic base drilling and milling machine is also called as portable milling machine. This machine is capable of light milling, drilling, countersink and reaming. This machine is equipped with a cross table base. The model of this portable milling machine is MAB 825 KTS.

Application of magnetic drill press:

The portable drilling machines or magnetic drill presses are used in many fields,

  • Bridge construction
  • Pre-engineered building (PEB)
  • Heavy engineering companies
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Fabrication industry
  • Boiler manufacturing
  • Rail drilling
  • Railway coach manufacturing
  • Wind turbine manufacturing
  • Automobile industries
  • Tower and pole construction

Advantages of magnetic drill press over conventional twist drilling machine:


Bringing the machine to the Workpiece!

A wide variety of portable magnetic mounted drills exist to drill holes, on-site, for repair or construction on structural steel. These newer, lightweight machines can also be used in manufacturing or fabrication shops. Configurable in both horizontal and vertical positions, a magnetic drill press is also available with pneumatic or hydraulic power for underwater/hazardous locations.

What is a Magnetic Drill Press?A magnetic drill press is 2x to 4x faster than the conventional twist drilling machine. Because of the single point cutting geometry of twist drill bits, the hole making operation requires a machine with higher horsepower — most often a bulky, bench-mounted machine that is traditionally vertically configured and less portable. The larger the hole, the more time and horsepower are required to evacuate the material. But, thanks to the multipoint cutting geometry of core drills (annular cutters) core drilling with magnetic drill press can cut at higher feed rates with lower horsepower consumption, meaning they can run on smaller machines and drill 2x to 4x faster.

One final benefit of core drills is evident after the job is complete — cleanup and recycling. When twist drilling, many sharp chips are intermingled with the lubricant. Separating the two for environmental and recycling purposes is difficult, time-consuming and costly. Scrap from annular cutters consists of a minimal amount of scrap and a solid slug. Separating a solid chunk of metal is easier, plus it will generate more profit when selling back the scrap.

  • Two to four times faster hole making
  • Saves time
  • Saves money as the drill bits last longer
  • Less removal of material during while drilling
  • Portable machines
  • Take machines to the workpiece
  • Drilling in Horizontal, Vertical, Cross-way, Side-way direction possible
  • Less noise
  • Eco friendly
  • Easy to transport
  • Economical
  • Robust
  • Low maintenence