Indexable Turning

Indexable Turning is Inserts generally refers to any cutting tool where the cutting edge consists of a separate piece of material, either brazed, welded or clamped on to a separate body. Common materials for tips include cemented carbide, polycrystalline diamond, and cubic boron nitride. Tools that are commonly tipped include: Lathe, milling cutters (end mills, fly cutters), tool bits, and saw blades.


Turning Insert Grades

100% U.S raw material with high quality and stability to make sure every insert is excellent. Different grade to separate cutting condition from finishing to roughing. High toughness substrate suit on high temperature stability and improved wear resistance.

Turning Inserts

We have more than 70 types inserts, both Negative and Positive Types to choose from, including the most popular ISO stander turning insert. By improve the adhesion resistance ability, excellent heat resistance and wear resistance to extend tool life and thereby reduces tools costs in a wide range of machining applications.

Turning Tool Holders

We provide various type of holder in ISO spec. The range of ISO toolholders accommodates a comprehensive range of insert types. And we also can choose a lots of clamping methods.