• Follow safety guidelines and demonstrate safe work practices when
    operating the Laser marking fiber machine
  • Discuss machine specifications and capabilities
  • Perform machine start up, reference, and shut down machine
  • Identify HMI interface components and function menus
  • Perform Protective Glass Test
  • Clean and replace the protective glass
  • Perform nozzle alignment
  • Perform Spot Image test
  • Perform and evaluate a focus test
  • Read TC_Laser_On statement, identify/modify Laser Tech Table (LTT)
  • Maneuver the pallet changer, load material, measure sheet, set ZPO
  • Copy/transfer/import/manage program files to/from USB and network
  • Create/organize/delete job lists and run production
  • Resume production using Flexible Entry
  • Produce parts in Post Production
  • Apply Trim_Off program to trim remaining sheet material
  • Discuss Shop Floor programming basics
  • Identify variables that impact cut quality