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The aspiration to constantly improve is what drives us to further develop our product range. This innovative spirit is always the underlying motivation when our engineers and designers grapple sometimes with just minor alterations to our quality products and various key services and thereby open up new opportunities for our customers. Competence, experience and know-how are core requirements here.

This also includes, however, the passionate guiding principle to further increase the efficiency of your automation process with innovative products from clamping technology.



AMF Clamping modules: mainly Mechanical clamping

Picture of Clamping modules

The demand for increasingly smaller production batches and more customized products required by manufacturer greater flexibility in production system linked to the maintenance of a good level of competitiveness. All of this involves the need to reduce downtime during changing of tooling and machine preparation operations.Fixing AMF ZPS modules offer very high forces securing and closing with constructive sizes reduced., positioning and clamping occurs in a same phase of work. Therefore, the efficiency of the productive system is improved.

Fixing AMF ZPS modules offer high forces securing and closing with very small sizes. The berth is mainly mechanical, hydraulic or pneumatic pressure is only required to release or unlock the device.

  • Block type or screw version.
  • Diameter of the module 45 to 148 mm
  • Clamping force of 10 to 40 kN.
  • 25 To 105 Kn.modulo of horizontal or vertical clamping clamping force.Horizontal clamping or vertical.izontal module or vertical.
  • High precision. Repetabilidad < 0.005 mm.
  • Available in modular tower and stations of 2, 4, and several modules.


AMF Hydraulic clamping elements: for fixing of parts with different geometric contours

Picture of Hydraulic clamping elements

Hydraulic clamping systems offer a rational and economical method for fixing of parts with different geometric and proper contours for serial production.

  • Universal screw cylinders and block type.
  • Simple and double effect.
  • Cylinder of hollow stem for multiple use in production technique.
  • Cylinder pulling and push for individual mounting applications.
  • Swing clamps with several mounting possibilities.
  • Vertical grip knuckle and lever.
  • Anti-vibration bracket and support elements.
  • Accessories: valves, Rotary distributors, connecting units, pressure generators and multipliers.

Heavy-duty clamping jaw 65 mm

Very sturdy, high version with strong pull-down and clamping forces. The angled clamping mechanism ensures that the component is securely clamped down on to the table. The interchangeable jaws are reversible, the smooth side for machined, the serrated side for unmachined components.
For lateral clamping of high components with high clamping force.
Basic body made of malleable cast iron, jaws case-hardened.
Heavy-duty clamping jaw 65 mm
Type 6497
Maximum height 99 mm
Minimum height 85 mm
Slot width 19 mm
Clamping range 8 mm
Overall length179 mm
Width across flats14 mm
Intermediate height h38 mm
for slot width a 12 mm; 14 mm; 16 mm; 18 mm
Jaw width 65 mm
Type of product Side clamps

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