Razor band saw blades are manufactured from the highest quality materials, with the most advanced machines and processes, producing high quality and consistent bimetal, tungsten carbide tipped and carbon steel saw blades to meet the highest demand in terms of productivity, cost cutting, reliability and precision, for all industries at competitive pricing.


 Razor Product Range

Cutting solution for universal usage for mixed materials, shapes, diameters, on all types of steel and on all types of machines

Higher alloyed cutting edge designed for cutting high strength steel grades, ensuring durability, higher resistance against thermal and abrasive wear, leading to longer blade life than normal blades.

Special tooth set and geometry enables reduced cutting resistance,  low cutting temperature, reduced resistance on blade tooth and long blade life. Designed for cutting Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel and Tool steels.

Special shock resistant tooth and wide set geometry prevents binding, absorbs vibration vibration and ensures ultimate blade life for cutting structural, profiles, channel and H beams

Flexible carbon steel band saw blade designed for cutting non-alloyed low strength steels, wood, plastic and foam, on light weight  and vertical band saw machines.

Tungsten Carbide Tipped blade, ideal of high production high performance cutting of high strength steel grades, ensures lowest vibration, highest cutting rates, heat and wear resistance, long blade life, and best finishing

Metalworking – Band Saw Blades
Razor M42 Bimetal
Razor M51 Bimetal
Razor PRIME Bimetal
Razor PROFILE Bimetal
Razor FLEX Carbon Steel
Razor T.C.T Carbide Tipped