Metal Japan 2018

Highly-functional Alloy ・High-strength Alloy ・Cemented Carbide ・Superplastic Alloy ・Superconducting Alloy ・Heat-resistant Alloy ・Abrasion Resistant Alloy ・Super-elastic Alloy ・Amorphous Alloy ・Corrosion-proof Alloy ・Free Cutting Alloy ・Hydrogen Absorbing Alloy ・Organometallic Compound Metals ・Light Metals (Aluminum, Magnesium, Methane, Alkali Metal, Alkali Earth Metal, etc.) ・High Purity Metals ・Noble Metals (Gold, Silver, Platinum, Copper, etc.) ・Metal Powder ・Rare Metals (Cobalt, Nickel, Manganese, Rare Earth Element, etc.) Metalworking Equipment ・Rolling Equipment ・Pressing Equipment ・Calendaring Equipment ・Composite Molding ・Casting Equipment ・Extruders ・Die Cast Equipment ・Powder Metallurgy Equipment ・Design/Analysis/Prototyping Tools ・Surface Treatment Equipment ・Carrier Equipment ・Optical Forming ・Machining Center Evaluation/Testing/Analysis Technology ・X-ray Inspection System ・Fatigue Testing Machine ・Durometer ・Ultrasonic Test Instrument ・Metal Detector ・Visual Inspection System ・Noncontact Thermometer ・Resistivity Meter ・Component Analyzer ・Materials Analysis Services ・Strain Gauge ・Industrial Endoscope ・Measuring Machine/Instrument Recycling ・Grinder/Crusher ・Drying Machine ・Granulator ・Agitator ・Meters ・Foreign Body Removal Device ・Melting Equipment ・Blast Furnace/Auxiliary Equipment of Blast Furnace ・Rare Metal Recovery Technology/Service ・Separator ・Mixing Equipment ・Firing Equipment ・Surface Reforming Apparatus ・Feeder Equipment ・Transport Equipment ・Coagulation Equipment ・Metal Recycling Service

The show gathers a wide range of highly-functional metal materials and processing equipment, testing/analysis equipment, recycling technologies, etc.